Platters and Buffets

We cater for parties, weddings, christenings, funerals, business breakfast meetings, lunches and functions.

Very popular at the moment is our pre-wedding buffet. Getting ready at home and no time to make sandwiches, why not order a plate from us? For more information see our Weddings page.

For more information please call us on 01245 261515 or visit the shop


Standard Platter - 3.20 per head

A selection of white or granary sandwiches


Standard Buffet - 4.10 per head

A selection of sandwiches


Sausage Rolls


Premium Buffet - 4.60 per head

A selection of sandwiches


Sausage Rolls

Vegetable Samosas or Quiche


Premium Plus Buffet - 5.60 per head

A selecton of sandwiches


Sausage Rolls or Pork Pies


Ocean Stick

Vegetable Samosas

Scotch Eggs or Cocktail Sausages


Premium Extra Buffet - 8.35 per head

The same as the Premium Plus with additional extras of:

Bottled water (volvic , 50cl) or

Orange or Apple Juice cartons

Fruit (bananas, apples)

Slab Cake and Muffins


Bottled water (volvic, 50cl) - 0.80

Orange/Apple Juice cartons - 0.80

Fruit (bananas, apples) - 0.60

Slab Cake or Muffins - 1.10


Prices for events and functions subject to VAT


We would be happy to adapt our buffet menus to suit your individual requirements.

You can submit your enquiry via our catering website

Prices include delivery.